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Lunar Update


The Moon is in Aquarius today. This is a good time to collaborate and socialize with others. This energy will allow you to see how you affect others and vice versa. Make sure you’re not coming off cold or emotionally removed, it’s good to see the bigger picture, but don’t neglect or forget how other people will feel.

The dates listed below are when these aspects are exact — felt the strongest. You could experience their energy a day or two before, or after, it is exact.

Sunday – May 6


Creativity + intuition are heightened so using visualization techniques will be beneficial — especially if done regularly.


Monday – May 7


Your thoughts are intense and your mind will be laser focused during this transit, this could swing either way — good or bad. it will all depend on how you deal with personal power issues, and pressure from others.


watch your budget, money could slip through your fingers under this transit.  in regards to love, are you really in love or are you in love with idea of being in love?  that is the question.

Tuesday – May 8


This energy will bring a feeling of enthusiasm and joy, however, don’t allow this to inflate the ego or have you being hella extra.  extravagance will not equate to happiness or progression.  don’t overdo anything, spending, eating, talking, etc.  wait till this aspect passes before you do anything over the top that you might regret.

Friday – May 11


you have the will power and determination to go after what you want in your personal and professional life.  right now, the people you are in contact with the most will help you to reach your goals, make sure you pay it forward and do the same for others.

Saturday – May 12


accidents are more likely under this transit so be careful of being too impulsive.  you might have a lot of amazing ideas that come to you at this time, but it’s important that you slow down and think things through before you act on them.  you also could lose your temper on people, so think before you speak.